Plan to File Charges Against Lisa Swartz (BOE-R)!
County Prosecutor Calls BOE Meeting for Monday!
By Winter Patriot on 7/10/2005, 10:30am PT  

A BRAD BLOG exclusive. Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

According to a recent statement from Dr. Robert J. Fitrakis:

For those of you following the Sherole Eaton story in Hocking County, Ohio, I spoke with her last night and found out the Hocking County Prosecutor has called for a meeting of the Board of Elections on Monday (tomorrow, July 11). Voting rights activists have already contaced the Sheriff's dept. regarding Lisa Swartz's conducting of an admitted Republican fundraiser while she worked for the BOE. Activists in Hocking County plan to file theft in office and other related charges against Swartz. As most of you may know, the Hocking County BOE is under a temporary restraining order from replacing Sherole Eaton since last Tuesday thanks to Cliff Arnebeck. Cliff and I are working on a permanent injunction to have Eaton reinstated to her job with BOE since she is a whistleblower.

This is the kind of story we watch very closely...

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