No Longer An Ohio Problem --- National Scandal Looms!
This Calls For ... OOPS! This Calls For Somebody Who's Probably Going To Prison ;-)
By Winter Patriot on 7/11/2005, 7:02pm PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

You really have to wonder what Brad would say about this:

Scandal-Ridden OH Donor Met with Rove

Dean renews call for bush to return tainted cash

Last week, it was revealed that troubled Bush fundraiser Thomas Noe used his influence to attend a strategy session with Bush-Cheney '04 officials and also that the fundraiser who helped organize a lunch for the President appeared before a grand jury investigating the event. At least one attendee was later reimbursed by Noe so that they could attend the lunch, a clear violation of campaign finance laws.

"This is further proof of the Republican Party's culture of corruption," said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean. "Noe raised vast sums for Bush, sometimes using questionable methods and was granted access to the President's top campaign aides. Republicans in Ohio and Washington have made this pay-to-play atmosphere par for the course. I again call on President Bush to return all money raised by Noe for his campaigns."

but I have a pretty good idea what he would say about this:


Thomas Noe, the man embroiled in at least six separate corruption investigations has been called "the man for Republicans to see in Northwest Ohio" If Noe's influence was confined to Ohio, Americans could be spared another round of corruption investigations with connections to national Republican leaders. Unfortunately Noe's connections reach high up into the halls of Republican power. But of the $100,000 or more raised by Noe for Bush's campaign, just a small portion has been refunded. The Noe allegations are yet another encroaching scandal on the Bush Administration, which has five large fundraisers under federal investigation so far. Bush could clean up the mess by returning the money raised by these individuals and disassociating himself from them.

"We're going to have a lot of fun, and we're going to celebrate four more years of President Bush."

-Thomas Noe. [Toledo Blade, 1/19/05]

and ... well ... it's hard not to wonder whether he's seen any of this yet.

But don't worry. We'll make sure he sees it.

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