Word of Impending Arrest Swirls Around Cindy Sheehan in Crawford...
As the Wingnuts slither out to give the Swiftboat Treatment to a Mother who made the ultimate sacrifice.
By Brad Friedman on 8/8/2005, 10:45pm PT  

David Swanson of AfterDowningStreet.org says Sheehan told him the Secret Service told her (through a complicated grapevine) that she'd be arrested on Thursday as a "threat to National Security." According to Swanson via DailyKos, Sheehan told him as they unravelled the rumors...

"I think we need as many people here on Thursday anyway, because Rice and Rumsfeld will be here....I'd rather not get arrested, but I'm willing to, I'm willing to have them pick me up and carry me away."

Benjamin T. Greenberg at Hungry Blues has some more thoughts and analysis and tales of speeding Secret Service vehicles whizzing by.

While Bob Harris wonders if --- unlike Dubya, apparently --- you might be able to spot the real threat to National Security.

And Cindy gets her own website.

It's all clearly having an impact, since Drudge and the Rightwing Slime Machine slithered back out from under their rocks today to give Sheehan the Paul O'Neil/Richard Clarke/Joe Wilson/ScottRitter/Et Al Treatment. As this report on Drudge's attempted Swiftboating of Sheehan correctly points out, Drudge didn't bother to give the actual context for the quotes he used from Sheehan. But no matter, it was enough to call them to arms to try and destroy the character and reputation of a mother who mad the ultimate sacrific for her country.

And, of course, the Wingnuts also don't bother to point out that Sheehan's original comments were made prior to Bush's own Dulfer Report, showing there were no WMD's in Iraq, and the Downing Street Memos, showing Bush lied us into this War, having come to light.

How many lives, of how many great Americans has this bunch of criminals in the White House now destroyed via their loathesome, selfish, personal quest to avoid taking any responsibility for their own horrific failures and utter inability to govern with even the slightest shred of competence, effectiveness or compassion?

George W. Bush: Worst "President" Ever, indeed. It's no longer a contest.