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real journalism is still alive in Britain
By Winter Patriot on 8/11/2005, 6:07am PT  

Guest blogged by Winter Patriot

The Bulldog Manifesto has posted the full text of an article from the August 6th edition of Britain's The Daily Mail. It appeared in the print edition but not on their website, and it raises some very interesting questions about the events of 9/11. According to the Bulldog, this is the first time a mainstream paper has questioned the "official story" of 9/11 in such a way. I'm not in a position to confirm or deny that. Nor shall I be any time soon. And it may not be the best article ever written about 9/11, but it is very interesting nonetheless, and I could easily be charged with blogger negligence if I failed to bring it to your attention. Especially since the Bulldog has done such a good job annotating it. And you'll have to pardon a few spelling mistakes, but it's still worth a read.

It begins like this:

The plot by America's military bosses was devilish in both design and intent – to fabricate an outrage against innocent civilians, fool the world and provide a pretext for war. In the pentagon, a top secret team drew up a plan to simultaneously send up two airliners painted and numbered exactly the same, one from a civil airport in America, the other from a secret military airbase nearby.

The one from the airport would have military personnel on board who had checked in as ordinary passengers under false names. The one from the airbase would be an empty drone, a remote-controlled unmanned aircraft.

Somewhere along their joint flight paths, the passenger-carrying plane would drop below radar height, and disappear, landing back at the airbase and unloading its occupants in secret.

Meanwhile, the drone would have taken up the other plane's designated course. High over the island of Cuba, it would be exploded in mid-air after broadcasting an international distress call that it was under attack from enemy fighters.

The world would be told that a plane load of blameless American holidaymakers had been deliberately shot down by Fidel Castro's Communists – and that the US had no choice but to declare war and topple his regime.

This ‘agent provocateur' plan – code named OPERATION NORTHWOODS and revealed in official archives – dates from 1962 when the Cold War was at its height.

Four decades later, there are a growing number of people who look back at this proto-conspiracy and then to the events of 9/11 and see uncanny and frightening modern parallels.

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