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PLUS: A Few Other Notable Clint Curtis Related Items
By Brad Friedman on 7/6/2006, 10:02am PT  

More than a full year after I wrote the original draft for them, Hustler is now running my story on the mysterious "suicide" of Raymond Lemme, of the Florida Inspector General's office. This is the first time that uncovered police photos --- the ones which were not supposed to have existed --- have appeared in print, not counting the Internet, to our knowledge.

Here's a pornography-free PDF of the article --- (WARNING: Includes graphic photos. Plus a sidebar on Clint Curtis' run for congress!) --- as it's currently running in the September issue now available at a newstand near you. Unless you live in Utah.

(NOTE: Previously broken PDF link now fixed.)

For BRAD BLOG readers who may not have been around here long enough to know, read on for an explanation of who Lemme and Curtis are.

And meanwhile...in other 'Clint Curtis for Congress' related news...

He's now been endorsed by Democracy for America (DFA) Miami-Dade chapter, and is now hoping to receive an endorsement from the national DFA. You can help!

1) Sign up here for a DFA login.
2) Vote for who you think DFA should endorse nationally! Clint Curtis is on the list.
3) Then, go to the DFA campaign page for Clint Curtis for Congress post your endorsement there too!

Lots of work, huh? Who said saving this country was gonna be easy?

Lastly, go tell Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots Fund that they should support Curtis as well! That one's a bit easier to do. But they all matter.

Okay, for newbies here, wondering who the these Ray Lemme and Clint Curtis guys are in the first place...

Lemme was the investigator from the Inspector General's office at the Florida Department of Transportation who turned up dead in a Valdosta, GA motel room just weeks after allegedly telling Clint Curtis that his investigation into Curtis' claims went "all the way to the top."

The photos taken at the scene by the cops didn't exist, according to the police report, until they turned up on the Internets after some jerk reported the whole story (we are that jerk) --- causing the Valdosta Police to re-open the case, before swiftly shutting it back down again for equally mysterious reasons. You can catch up on that story here, as we broke those new details in the Lemme case in early 2005.

Clint Curtis (for those who don't know) is the software programmer who has claimed in a sworn affidavit and video-taped testimony before members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee that Rep. Tom Feeney asked him to create vote-rigging software when they both worked at a Florida software firm. At the time, Feeney was the Speaker of the Florida House and the firm's lobbyist; he is also known for being Jeb Bush's former running mate. Now he's a member of the U.S. House and sits on the Judiciary Committee himself. (When he's not taking golf junkets to Scotland with Jack Abramoff).

Curtis has since passed a polygraph test in regard to these charges (unlike Feeney) and is now running for Congress in Feeney's district with the hope of unseating him this fall. He can use your financial help to take on one of the GOP's top-tier corruption/money boys.

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Clint Curtis is now running for U.S. Congress against Feeney.
To support him or for more info, see: www.ClintCurtis.com

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