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By STOP George on 9/17/2006, 1:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by STOP George, and cross-posted here at DailyKos.

In case you haven't visited YouTube, DKos, The BRAD BLOG or other blog sites recently, you may read this excellent diary summarizing the Princeton University report, where they were able to reverse the voting results of a Diebold machine without leaving a trace. I took the initiative to post this incredible video onto YouTube and, as you can imagine, it really took off --- it has now been viewed by at least 38,000+ people.

I was discouraged (but not surprised) to learn later that this powerful demonstration by an Ivy League University, showing a direct threat to American democracy, hardly got one sentence of exposure on corporate network news and the corporate printed media. These machines only represent 10% of the electorate, afterall. (NOTE: I've been informed that CNN covered this issue well on Friday --- my initial search was limited to the internet prior to the creation of this diary)

Imagine my shock to find out today that none other than FOX News had Professor Ed Felten & his team actually demonstrating their study to their right-wing audience!!!

The video of the virus hack demo, as performed LIVE on FOX News is available in full below...

When you watch the video you will discover that, although not a lot of time is spent discussing this serious issue --- Professor Felten clearly shows the right-wingers that they have a lot to be concerned about. The bubble-head hosts even gasped and seemed to understand the seriousness of this demonstration.

And so, I think we have almost achieved a pivotal point in this whole saga of e-voting in America. RFK jr. et al's massive lawsuit against the e-voting companies (which they say will curl your toes) is expected to be front-page news within the next couple of weeks. And now, this issue is starting to gain wide political exposure on such programs as Lou Dobbs and Fox News. Yes, friends --- I have a feeling this story is going to go critical mass.

Now, the importance of this story achieving serious recognition on Fox news should be used to our advantage methinks.

It's time, once again, for...



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That last point is key. Because this is "Fox News" video, I would think that this will be more likely to received favorably by the wing-nuts. A lot of right-wing comments from my previous Princeton YouTube video tried to label this as a "left-wing conspiracy" movement. I really want them to hear their favorite bobble-head anchors uttering, "Oh, my!"

And please --- while we're on the topic --- view this video, if you haven't already done so. I would really like this video to be one of the top viewed videos of all-time on YouTube. It deserves this title. There is nothing more important than maintaining American democracy.

Here are the stats for this YouTube video so far...

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Finally, you can read the report or download the video at the Princeton site (to send to your non-internet connected friends --- HERE.

Thanks, guys!!

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