Arizona's Scam Photo ID Laws Meet Similar Fate as Court Imposes Injunction for '06 Election!
And in Missouri, the Democracy-Haters Appeal the Overturned Laws to the State Supreme Court...
By Brad Friedman on 10/8/2006, 5:50pm PT  

Restrictive and disenfranchising laws for Photo ID requirements at the polls are being pushed all over the country as part of a nationally orchestrated GOP scam that's been underway since at least the first few hours after the 2004 Election.

(For more details, see this series of BRAD BLOG articles exposing the phony GOP front group at the epicenter of this national effort. They are the "non-partisan" and ironically-named "American Center for Voting Rights". We discovered their onerous, ongoing scam early in their attempt to pull off this nationwide hoax with the direct aid and comfort of now-disgraced Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio, and others even higher-up in the GOP.)

This week, news on the Photo ID scam front from Georgia, Arizona and Missouri, where the laws have been repeatedly struck down by courts as blatantly unconstitutional. Yet the democracy-haters in favor of these laws continue to leverage big-time GOP resources in their never-ending search for legal forums with friendly judges. If that doesn't work, as in Georgia, they're prepared to use the laws anyway, even if they've already been ordered not to.

The Associated Press is reporting that voters in Georgia have received letters stating they must show a photo ID to cast a ballot on Nov. 7th. In fact, that letter is wrong and the courts found it was wrong before many of the letters went into the mail...

Letters on Voter ID Confuse Ga. Voters

ATLANTA (AP) - Tens of thousands of Georgia voters recently received letters telling them they must show a photo ID to cast a ballot Nov. 7 - a message some fear will create confusion on Election Day, since a judge recently struck down the requirement. The State Board of Elections mailed more than 300,000 of the letters - about 20,000 of them after the judge issued his ruling Sept. 19.

It should be noted that Georgia's disenfranchising Photo ID laws have now been struck down several times by Federal Courts, and the democracy-loathing sponsors in the Georgia legislature have so far been unable to produce any examples of the Voter Fraud that would have been prevented by their legislation.

As with all such cynical Photo ID laws for voting, no form of identification is needed for absentee or military voters, who historically trend heavily Republican. Examples of Voter Fraud via absentee voting are far more prevalent than voter fraud at the polling place. Of course, in both cases, the number of actual cases of Voter Fraud is far exceeded by the number of voters disenfranchised via faulty voting machines, purges of registration rolls and unequal distrubution of polling places and voting equipment. So far, the Republicans who have pushed their phony efforts at "reform" through Photo ID restrictions --- which research has shown to mainly affect minority and elderly (read: Democratic) voters --- have done nothing to solve the real problems voters face in having their ballots cast and counted as intended.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, the democracy-hating Secretary of State Jan Brewer is facing defeat as well, as her attempts at keeping voters away from the polls this year have encountered legal obstacles. From Reuters on Friday...

PHOENIX (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Thursday blocked an Arizona state law requiring voters to present identification at polling stations and proof of citizenship when registering to vote.
The Arizona Attorney General's Office said it would seek an immediate review of the ruling and would take it to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary in coming days.

Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer said the ruling could lead to "extreme confusion" on polling day.

Brewer will likely encourage such "extreme confusion" by sending a letter to voters similar to the one uncovered in Georgia. Regular BRAD BLOG readers will remember Brewer as the Republican Secretary of State who called election integrity advocates "conspiracy theorists" and "anarchists" for demonstrating against her approval of hackable Diebold touch-screen voting systems in the state.

That's funny --- we call them patriots.

On Wednesday, the Missouri Supreme Court heard opening arguments in a suit to stop that state from using their repressive and disenfranchising voter ID law in November. According to The Maneater, two parts of the state's voter ID law, which was overturned in a lower court last month, were also argued.

The first argument about the voter ID law is the restriction on what forms of photo identification are accepted at polling places as proof of identity. According to the law, a person must have a federal or state government issued ID, all of which cost money to obtain. The law also states that if someone cannot afford an ID, they can receive a free state non-driver’s license.

Those opposing the law argue that it indirectly enacts a poll tax because in order to receive a birth certificate, which is necessary to be issued a state ID, a person must pay roughly $15.

The second part of the law that was deemed unconstitutional by the lower court related to violations of the Hancock Amendment, which relates to taxation and spending. The lower court specifically cited, as a violation, the creation of an unfunded mandate due to the authorization of more provisional balloting, which would cause additional costs for increased production and processing of provisional ballots without providing for the costs.

Additional Reporting by John Gideon.