By John Gideon on 1/2/2007, 4:37pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

It's good to be back. The "Best of" and "Year in Review" articles have all been put to bed for another year. There isn't a lot more to report though. ...

  • NAtional: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Heads to DC LINK
  • NAtional: November election shows spread in vote-by-mail trend LINK
  • NAtional: Making Every E-Vote Count
    A noted cryptographer has a system that works LINK
  • NAtional: Opinion: Sequoia is for sale, but who's buying?
    With scrutiny high, Smartastic's e-vote subsidiary could be a tough sell LINK
  • NAtional: Q&A: E-voting issues still there LINK
  • FL: FL-13 - House Democrats Will Object To Seating Republican in Florida Dispute LINK
  • FL: FL-13 – Editorial - Finding the Source
    Unanswered questions in the Sarasota voting case LINK
  • FL: FL-13 - E-Voting Under Fire In Florida LINK
  • FL: Sarasota County - 'Older' precincts added to problem LINK
  • MD: Lawmakers likely to try changing voting, election laws— LINK
  • NY: Franklin County - Non-compliance woes LINK
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