By John Gideon on 1/5/2007, 4:25pm PT  

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States are now beginning to question whether their voting systems were originally inspected and tested by Ciber and whether the quality of that testing should be questioned. / Meanwhile the EAC has sent their commissioners out to handle damage control. Commissioners are denying the existence of negative reports against Ciber and denying that Ciber has any problems beyond what they think is normal for an accreditation process. They, however, are not explaining why two other labs were accredited almost immediately and why Ciber's process has taken 5 months longer and is still not complete. / Another key member of the House of Representatives has weighed in on the disputed Florida Congressional election, saying that not only the litigants but the House itself would benefit from more open discovery. On Thursday, the incoming Chairwoman of the House Administration Committee, which has the responsibility for evaluating any House election contest, submitted a letter to the Florida First District Court of Appeal expressing concern with the inability of the Plaintiffs to pursue their claims....

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