By John Gideon on 2/21/2007, 4:33pm PT  

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An article in today’s Oakland Tribune relates, “In a blow-by-blow on his school Web page and in a separate filing for an electronic voting lawsuit in New Jersey superior court, computer science professor Andrew Appel [Princeton University] details how he was able to purchase five of the Oakland-based company's AVC Advantage machines off a Web site auctioning government surplus items, pry open the backs and access the computer chips that control the vote count. He said security features touted by the Oakland-based company on its Web site were not in place on the machines.” Meanwhile Sequoia ‘spokes-deceiver’ Michelle Shafer ignores the facts and says, "This is not a real-world scenario. The equipment is not kept somewhere where people have unfettered access to it." Shafer does not live in the real-world where counties allow “sleep-overs” or store the machines, in the open, without guard at the polls for days before and after an election. Shafer speaks from a different plane where down is up and up is down....

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