Nice Going Guys!
(Guess You Shouldn't Have Enjoyed so Many Dinners With Those Diebold Salesmen...)
By Brad Friedman on 2/23/2007, 10:05am PT  

Utah wants to hold a Presidential Primary Election. But they seem to have run into a new snag...

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. has pushed for a Western States Presidential Primary to be held on Feb. 5. Arizona and New Mexico will also hold a primary election on that day and other Western states are considering it.

The Legislature has previously set aside $850,000 to cover the costs. With the new electronic voting machines, that bill has ballooned to $3.4 million.

Oh, well. What was that they were saying about these systems saving the taxpayer money?

(Hat-tip to the Utah Election Official who brought this to our attention. Bless you. And good luck.)