By John Gideon on 4/9/2007, 4:21pm PT  

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In his article, “Electric Boogaloo”, Art Levine begins:

For most political controversies, progressives don't need a scorecard to tell the good guys apart from the bad. One would expect that simple dynamic to apply to electronic voting reform, which Democrats have pledged to address during this Congress. But in fact, the thorny issue of voting machines, in the context of a shared desire for a fair, accurate election in 2008 (following one infamous election meltdown after another during the last few cycles), has rendered the fault lines in the debate over reform anything but straight and clear. Simply put, with Democratic control of Congress making meaningful progressive election reform a possibility for the first time in years, the "good guys" are busy battling each other.

That, and today's other notable voting news stories, all linked below...

  • NAtional: Electric Boogaloo
    It's good guys vs. good guys in the complicated legislative fight over regulating voting machines. LINK
  • NAtional: Emily Levy: Voting process needs regulation LINK
  • AR: Carroll County - Testimony ends in election challenge LINK
  • CA: Columnist: 'CA Counties Must Install Voting Machines Reliable Enough to Withstand REAL Testing' LINK
  • CA: Opinion - Secretary of State Debra Bowen: Californians must know their vote counts LINK
  • CO: Colorado Springs - Vote’s still out on mail polls LINK
  • NY: New Yorkers Shouldn't Hold Breath For New Voting Machines LINK
  • OH: 2004 Presidential Election Ohio - Kerry Votes Switched to Bush says James Q Jacobs LINK
  • SC: St. George will have to have second vote in mayoral race LINK
  • TX: Lamar County - Voting machine transport an issue LINK
  • WA: Snohomish County - Shelved voting machines now help decide student elections LINK
  • WV: Sec. of State encourages disabled West Virginians to vote LINK
  • Virgin Islands 2007 Constitutional Convention may force Congress to confront lack of presidential vote & representation LINK
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