Joseph Rich Discusses Politicization of DoJ Voting Rights Unit
ACORN Rep Discusses Vast Right Wing 'Voter Fraud' Conspiracy...
By Alan Breslauer on 4/24/2007, 1:56pm PT  

Guest Blogged by Alan Breslauer

Amy Goodman interviews (18:04) former Justice Department Attorney Joe Rich and Bertha Lewis of New York's ACORN on today's Democracy Now! Rich, who left Justice in 2005 after 36 years in the Civil Rights Division, was the head of the voting section from 1999 to 2005. He discusses the politicization of virtually all elements of the Justice Department including the administration's emphasis on voter fraud with aims at suppressing the vote....

Bertha Lewis of ACORN, a group that has experienced great success registering minority voters, discusses how the Bush administration and the right wing media have targeted and intimidated ACORN with false allegations of voter fraud. Or, as Lewis bluntly states: "Yes Virginia, there is a vast right wing conspiracy".

Altogether, the interviews help fill out the story behind the US Attorney Scandal or "The Underlying Crime" that Brad has been all over the last week.

Additional note from DES: More on Joseph Rich and the politicization of the Justice Department here.