By John Gideon on 5/1/2007, 4:06pm PT  

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Today finds a mixed-bag of articles but nothing earth shattering.

See today's notable stories as linked below...

  • CA: Riverside County – Sequoia Voting To Give Presentation LINK
  • CA: Riverside County - Ballot-system purchase might not fly LINK
  • CA: San Joaquin County - S.J. registrar retiring LINK
  • CO: Election reform will have to wait for next session LINK
  • FL: Bay County elections chief defends paper ballot pricing LINK
  • IA: Citizen's Group Praises Iowa's First Step Toward Verified Voting LINK
  • MO: Public hearing on voter ID bill held LINK
  • OH: The Pivotal Ohio vote in 2004: Who did the counting? LINK
  • OH: Cuyahoga County - Summary of the Collaborative Public Audit of the 2006 General Election in Cuyahoga County Ohio LINK
  • TX: Grayson County - County leaders discuss early voting LINK
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