By John Gideon on 5/9/2007, 8:05pm PT  

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Brian Chess, chief scientist of Fortify Software [United Kingdom] has gone on record as saying:

"As with any computerised system, e-voting machines can be subject to programming errors and malicious tampering. With evidence in the States clearly showing that the voting machine certification process is flawed, how can any citizen be expected to trust this new system?"

California SOS Debra Bowen asks and answers [PDF]:

"Are our voting systems secure, accurate, reliable and accessible?"

"There’s good reason for asking the question. In December 2005, California discovered voting system programming code that escaped the review of federal testers. On May 2, 2007, a congressional task force voted to investigate anomalies in 2006 election results in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. These are just two examples that have fueled the debate about whether the systems voters are asked to cast their ballots on are trustworthy and whether the testing processes used to certify voting systems are adequate."

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