By John Gideon on 5/10/2007, 9:20pm PT  

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On the same day that a committee of the House of Representatives met to pass a marked-up HR-811 out to the floor for a full House vote, the voters in Indiana counties went to the polls. Today the reports of the failures began to come in from Allen, Hancock, Lake, Marion, and Morgan counties. Under votes in Hancock, failure of poll workers to show up at the polls in Marion, and other counties with similar problems have led to another failure and disenfranchised voters....

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  • NAtional: Congress to vote on paper trail for e-voting systems
    All touch-screen systems would be required to produce a paper receipt LINK
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  • IN: Allen County - Bugs surface in new vote machines
    Tally-card mistakes at 8 sites delayed results LINK
  • IN: Hancock County - Greenfield mayoral candidate asks for recount LINK
  • IN: Lake County - Vote hunting and counting continues to haunt close races LINK
  • IN: Lake County - Voting problems routine LINK
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  • IN: Marion County - Fallout from Marion County primary problems continues LINK
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  • OH: Darby Township - 11 votes carry high price tag in trend watched by state officials LINK
  • OH: Greene County - Election results confusing, but accurate LINK
  • PA: Bucks County - Watchdog group blasts county over touch-screen voting machines
    Coalition for Voting Integrity says savings have not been detailed. LINK
  • PA: Bucks County - Electronic voting machines remain controversial LINK
  • UK: Scottish election debacle caused by fragmented databases
    Volume of spoilt ballots overwhelmed database indexes LINK
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