By John Gideon on 5/11/2007, 9:00pm PT  

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An article in Arstechnica correctly points out that the Lofgren amendment to HR-811:

...significantly watered down the requirement that voting machine source code be made publicly available. Holt's original legislation had required that source code be "available for inspection promptly upon request to any person." The version approved by the House still requires vendors to disclose source code to an independent third party, but that third party may only disclose the source code to government officials, to parties in election-related litigation, or to a person "who reviews, analyzes, or reports on the technology solely for an academic, scientific, technological, or other investigation or inquiry concerning the accuracy or integrity of the technology."

Even with this change to the bill we are pleased with the way the bill came out of committee. Unfortunately the lack of wording that requires paper ballots for all tallies, recounts and audits keeps us from supporting the bill. Let me be perfectly clear though; we are not anti-HR811. We are, instead, neutral and will continue our fight to ban electronic ballots from US elections.

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