By John Gideon on 5/22/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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The media is now beginning to question the hiring of Michael Vu as the second in command of elections in San Diego County. Vu, who quit under fire from his job as the elections director for Cuyahoga Co. Ohio, has a poor record. Under his supervision absentee ballots were never sent to thousands of voters, voters were removed for no reason from the voter registration rolls, the county election budget was taken into the red, and two of his senior assistants were convicted of manipulating the recount of ballots in 2006 and received sentences of 18 months in prison. Vu refuses to speak with the media but the county supports his hiring and says that Vu has acted honorable and professionally.

Links to that story (including video) and other notable voting news stories all below...

RELATED NOTE FROM BRAD: Back in April I wrote an article for ComputerWorld on the Vu situation in San Diego, titled "San Diego Registrar Goes from Worst to Worster to Worstest". Due to a technical problem at CW the story never ran. So I've gone ahead and posted it here, backdated to April 12th (when it was supposed to have run), just for the historical record, if you're interested in my take on it at the time.

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