By John Gideon on 6/25/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Today finds what amounts to three days worth of opinions, columns and editorials. Some voters in Georgia are using their state mandated voter ID cards for more than just voting. It seems that it has become a free piece of identification for cashing checks and some voters have more than one of the cards. Over half of the counties in Utah have passed resolutions against HR-811. They incorrectly state that the bill will cost the counties millions. In response to this at least one local activist incorrectly states that passage of HR-811 will save the county money by it’s use of a paper-based voting system. Nothing in the bill will force the county to use anything but voting machines with a different voter verified paper record printer. ...

  • NAtional: Opinion - Voting over there LINK
  • AZ: Pima County – Opinion - Electronic-voting dispute requires prompt action
    Our view: Integrity of election results, voters' trust in system are both at stake LINK
  • CA: Riverside County – Democracy Under Glass LINK
  • FL: Editorial - State and counties dawdling over replacing touch-screens LINK
  • FL: Columnist - State can fix U.S. election woes LINK
  • FL: Sarasota County - Court: Protecting trade secrets takes priority over election transparency LINK
  • GA: Augusta residents using free voter IDs to cash checks
    Some receiving several cards LINK
  • NY: New York legislators keep e-voting software in public hands
    Voter activists had fought changes to e-voting software escrow laws LINK
  • OH: Perspective: Testing of voting machines a never-ending pursuit LINK
  • TX: Wichita County - Runoff delay blamed on glitch
    County Clerk Lori Bohannon says early shut down resulted in snag LINK
  • UT: Salt Lake County - SLCO to Revisit Resolution Opposing Voting Machine Legislation LINK
  • WA: Pierce County – Opinion - Time to abandon obsolete poll-voting LINK
  • Netherlands - Voting machines 5 kg too heavy LINK
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