By John Gideon on 6/30/2007, 4:47pm PT  

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Today brings us a few articles and opinion pieces. We have opinion pieces from Nancy Tobi, Bev Harris and Howard Stanislevic. There isn’t much to pass on that is real news. Maybe that’s a good thing because most of what is reported by the Main Stream Media (MSM) is only reported when there is a real election problem and many of those are ignored. Why, for instance, has the MSM totally ignored the ES&S source code escrow issue and their arrogant letter to the California Secretary of State’s office? Not one word has been printed by the MSM on this issue that could bring into question whether many state’s election laws are being followed by the vendors....

  • NAtional: Congress about to "Just say yes" to Permanent Secret Vote Counting LINK
  • NAtional: Chicken Little LINK
  • NAtional: Debate with a Chair: Part II - Is a flawed bill better than no bill? LINK
  • NAtional: Princeton prof cracks high-tech security to improve it LINK
  • NAtional: H.R.811: Fact and Friction --- Part IV LINK
  • OH: Carroll County - Carroll commissioners oppose paying county workers extra to man the polls LINK
  • OK: Cherokee vote recount held Friday for county council seat LINK
  • UT: County opposes federal bill on vote machines
    Requiring 'durable' paper ballots called meddling LINK
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