By John Gideon on 7/2/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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This will probably be a very slow week. Depending on the amount of news I may only send out the DVN every two days rather than every day. For those who will be traveling over the holiday, please drive careful. Enjoy the holiday. We need you all if we are going to ensure we have a democracy into the future and that our voices are heard and not just the voices of vendors and partisan appointees....

  • NAtional: Congress about to "just say yes" to permanent secret vote counting LINK
  • NAtional: Millions of votes at risk in '08 unless Voter Confidence Act passed LINK
  • NAtional: 'Thriller' Audio: Brad Debates Larry Norden of Brennan Center for Justice on Holt Election Reform Bill LINK
  • NAtional: ACVR Reached into New Mexico U.S. Attorney Firing; More Details Unearthed in GOP 'Voter Fraud' Front Group's Central Role in Republican National Strategy to Game Elections LINK
  • AR: Pulaski County - New voting machines for election LINK
  • CA: Humboldt County - Watchdog group calls for hand-counted ballots LINK
  • MD: Lamone's sales pitch for electronic voting a blunder LINK
  • MS: Judge will hear felons' claim that they should be allowed to vote LINK
  • NJ: Cracking security his passion
    Princeton professor has knack for exposing high-tech foibles LINK
  • NJ: Hudson County - Anatomy of voter fraud
    Will officials follow up on alleged $10 vote payoff? LINK
  • OH: Franklin County - Carole Squire denied her election appeal LINK
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