By John Gideon on 7/5/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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In a move that could set a disastrous precedent, the Republican Governor and Democratic Secretary of State of Mississippi have come together to ask that a federal judge rule that the state legislature must enact a voter ID law.

Also, Florida activists are now looking into other counties beside Sarasota and they are finding plenty of questionable results:

"We’re inviting Charlotte County voters who experienced a problem voting in the November 2006 election to attend a public forum next Wednesday evening, July 11,” explained Kitty Garber, Florida Fair Election Center’s Research Director. “For example, did your vote vanish from the review screen? Did you have trouble getting your vote to register? Did the machine fail while you were voting? Did any of your friends and neighbors have the same problem? If you had a problem voting, we hope you will attend to share your voting experience with us.”

The rest of today's notable voting news, all linked below as usual...

ADDENDUM FROM BRAD: Please note, in re: John's Mississippi item mentioned above. Mississippi's Democratic SoS is Eric Clark. We ran a video of Clark in a meeting last year with a Diebold lobbyists in which Clark says that Diebold's touch-screen machines are "the most secure thing outside of a Wells-Fargo truck." The man is clueless. Check out the exclusive --- and amusing --- video here...

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