By John Gideon on 7/10/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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An article at The BRAD BLOG reports the following:

The results of California Secretary of State Debra Bowen's "top-to-bottom review" of electronic voting systems previously approved for use by her predecessor is still underway. But before any of the findings from her teams of security specialists, software analysts, and voting systems experts have been made public, the unprecedented analysis has already revealed a disturbing anomaly which may have far-reaching implications for both state and federal voting systems laws across the country.

The King Coounty, Washington, County Council voted on Monday that there can be no bar-code or other unique marks on paper ballots. In a press release one council member said, “The Washington State Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to cast a secret ballot,” said Councilmember Dow Constantine, prime sponsor of the motion. “We must protect this right by accurately tracking the return and signature verification of every voter’s sealed envelope, while ensuring that the ballot inside cannot later be connected with a particular voter.” One can only hope that now the state legislature will follow the county’s lead and make the same decision for the whole state.

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