Being the Broadcast Media for a Week and a Half, Monday through Friday (3p-6p PT, 6p-9p ET) LIVE from Houston, TX
Plus a Quick Travel Update...
By Brad Friedman on 7/16/2007, 9:04am PT  

Blogged by Brad from somewhere in Texas...

Our long road trip continues. And who knows? At some point, we may even fit in a day or two off if we're lucky!

After heading from California to Arizona to New Mexico to Texas to Oklahoma to Arkansas to Mississippi to Alabama to Georgia to Tennessee to Kentucky to Missouri and then back down through Oklahoma, we now find ourselves somewhere in Texas, en route to Houston, where we will stay put for a couple of weeks.

Beginning on Wednesday, I'll be Guest Hosting the Peter B. Collins Show for a week and a half, Monday through Fridays from 3p - 6p PT (6p - 9p ET, or 5p - 8p CT on our Houston clock) and hope you'll tune in to one of Peter's affiliate stations, or via the Internet for whatever trouble-making we end up cooking up.

We'll be broadcasting each day out of the facilities of KPFT, as generously offered by the good folks of Houston's Pacifica Radio affiliate station there. We're very much looking forward to it, as we've not been on the air for such a long stint in quite a while. The last time would also have been out of Texas, during the Summer of 2005 from "Camp Casey," where we took the old BRAD SHOW on the road for our special "Operation Noble Cause" broadcasts from the middle of one damned hot cow pasture.

Ironically enough, it was some of the good folks from KPFT who helped us get on the air in a broadcasting miracle back in 2005 from on the ground at "Camp Casey." We're promised air conditioning this time, and perhaps even slightly shorter work days, but we'll see. Either way, I hope you'll both join us and spread the word. We're hoping to set aside the last hour of each show, each day, as our Election Integrity Hour. But now that we've left Kansas, things may change quickly around here.

We'll try to keep you up to date each day here at The BRAD BLOG with a list of guests and a LIVE open show thread during the broadcast, as well as take as many of your calls (1-888-5-PeterB) as we can, even while the BRAD BLOG Guest Bloggers (and I) keep on blogging here at the same time.

Should be fun. Hope you'll both tune in and stay tuned! More from Houston...