By John Gideon on 7/25/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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It appears that the Senate will go the way of the House and move any requirement for a voter verified paper audit trail to at least 2010. Reports on testimony given to the Senate Rules Committee today are that there was a lot of “kissing a**” and hand wringing.

Election officials in Montgomery Co., Ohio, had a grand idea. They decided to solve their problem recruiting poll workers by allowing companies and groups to wear their logos on shirts while they work the polls. For example, “Mom and Pop’s” burgers could man a poll site and the poll workers could all wear their uniforms while they helped voters. This was a bad idea made worse when people began to complain that one of the groups who would be manning the polls would be wearing their “Dayton Right To Life” T-shirts and, according to the head of the group, “We will be there to answer life questions.” This came up originally in a story from Utah. This is a bad idea that needs to stop. We can do something about it by getting involved and volunteering to work on elections on election day.

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