By John Gideon on 7/27/2007, 2:35pm PT  

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Today I had to write two ledes for DVN. The California “Top-To-Bottom” Review reports were supposed to be released at Noon Pac. It got to be 3PM Pac. and everyone was still waiting for the reports to be released. Note: The California reports came out too late for any comments here.

So without those reports to discuss let me talk about four reports from New York that have national implications. There are presently two reports hosted at VotersUnite that discuss how the voting machine vendors who are trying to do business in New York state are not fit to do business according to state law. The other two reports discuss the cost of actually holding elections on optical-scan machines and with paper ballots. It does not have to be expensive and is certainly cheaper in the long-run when compared to using Direct Recording Electronic voting machines. ...

  • NAtional: New York State - Evidence of Vendor Unfitness LINK
  • NAtional: New York State - 3 New Voting Machine Reports LINK
  • NAtional: Is E-Voting the Next Wonder of the World? LINK
  • NAtional: The National Election Data Archive Urges the Senate to Take Steps to Assure the Integrity of the 2008 Election Outcomes LINK
  • CA: University of California Red Team Attack Reports and Accessibility Report LINK
  • CA: Hackers able to break into voting machines LINK
  • CT: Why is Cong. Paul Hodes ignoring his constituents? LINK
  • FL: FL-13 - GAO Briefs House on Investigation into Disputed Florida Election LINK
  • IN: Voting equipment supplier fined LINK
  • IN: Lawrence County – Editorial - Weigh costs, ease in voting machines LINK
  • NJ: Mercer County - County exec asks state to slow down voting machine changes LINK
  • NY: Lawmakers OK use of lever voting machines LINK
  • OH: Sausage making and electronic voting machines LINK
  • PA: Luzerne County - Warranty excessive on voting machines LINK
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