By John Gideon on 7/28/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Naturally nearly all of the news is from California in regards to their “Top-To-Bottom” review. However for those of you who are concerned about election audits there is also a great report from a group who have been working with VerifiedVoting.

Also reported is that scientists, under the GAO, may get a chance to look at the source code from the machines used in Sarasota Co last Nov.

Back to the “Top-To-Bottom” review; only one of the articles listed, the SF Chronicle article, mentions anything about the accessibility report that was also done by the California researchers, and they gave that report one sentence. The accessibility report says, “Although each of the tested voting systems included some accessibility accommodations, none met the accessibility requirements of current law and none performed satisfactorily in test voting by persons with a range of disabilities and alternate language needs.” In other words if a jurisdiction uses any of the three machines tested for accessibility they are violating federal law (HAVA).

All of those stories, and more, linked below...

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