By John Gideon on 7/30/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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As expected today’s news is mostly from California in response to the “Top-To-Bottom” Review. In their response to the California “Top-To-Bottom Review” Sequoia had this to say about accessibility:

As for the Accessibility report, Sequoia’s equipment complies with all requirements of the current 2002 VVSG as well as all California state requirements. Sequoia has worked with both national and local accessibility groups to design our voting system and we continue to do so in an effort to make all of our voting equipment as accessible as possible and continually improve our products as advances are made in technology to better assist persons with disabilities.

The fact that they can say their machines comply with all requirements is amazing. The Sequoia Edge I and II tested in California has a toe-to-knee distance of 26.5 inches. The 2002 VVSG require 30 inches minimum. We can’t expect either of the other two vendors to be any more factual in their defense of their systems.

Links to Sequoia's excuses, and a great deal of coverage of California's landmark reports and other voting news from around the country, is all below...

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