By John Gideon on 8/1/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Today has been another busy day in the news. Building on top of the California reports from Friday and Monday and the Florida report on Tuesday we now have an important report from the Brennan Center just released today. This new report discusses audits and why they are needed and points out that states are not doing enough to ensure their vote count is accurate. On top of all of this one county in Utah has decided to buck the trend in that state and they are returning to hand-marked paper ballots and optical scan machines this November. Also in a town election in one small South Carolina town, 149 voters voted on the town’s provided ES&S iVotronic machines. The election was to select a person to sit on the city council. The machine broke down once during the day and 15 voters had to use paper ballots. The 149 votes could not be retrieved from the machine until the next day due to a problem with passwords. It is not good to use a DRE for any election but for an election with only one race and a small expected turnout it is insane. What are these people thinking?...

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