By John Gideon on 8/4/2007, 4:33pm PT  

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Of course today’s news is overwhelmingly about the “California Decisions”. After this weekend we will probably hear a lot more from the county officials and the vendors. Diebold appears to have had a press release ready to roll out upon the decision from Secretary of State Bowen. They seem to have decided that terminology changes needed to be made so they are now calling their DREs “touch-screen voting solutions”. I’m not sure what they are trying to solve by the use of their machines. We now know it’s not security problems or accessibility. ...

  • NAtional: Diebold voting machines vulnerable to virus attack LINK
  • CA: Paper Ballots For California! – Secretary of State Announces De-Certification /Re-Certification Plans For E-Voting LINK
  • CA: California Secretary of State Debra Bowen Decertifies Diebold, Hart InterCivic and Sequoia Voting Systems--Late Submitted ES&S System “InkaVote Plus” Used in Los Angeles to be Reviewed LINK
  • CA: Statement of Diebold Election Systems on California Secretary of State's Top-to-Bottom Review of Voting Systems LINK
  • CA: State curtails e-voting
    L.A. system decertified; restrictions on two others LINK
  • CA: California orders voting machines to have tighter security LINK
  • CA: Electronic voting decertified LINK
  • CA: Bowen places tough restrictions on voting systems LINK
  • CA: State decides to secure electronic voting machines
    Secretary of State orders more precautions be taken against tampering, and withdraws support of the InkaVote Plus machines used in Southern California. LINK
  • CA: State decides to secure electronic voting machines LINK
  • CA: Elections chief gives OK to vote machines
    Despite security concerns, she clears them for use in February LINK
  • CA: California Restricts Voting Machines LINK
  • CA: California Restricts E-voting LINK
  • CA: California voting machines decertified LINK
  • CA: Inland Empire Voters May Go Back To Paper Ballots LINK
  • CA: California Severely Limits Electronic Voting LINK
  • CA: California moves to lock down e-voting systems
    Controls on three companies' offerings; ES&S decertified LINK
  • CA: Santa Clara County – Ballot Questions LINK
  • FL: FL-13 - D-13 probe stalled by recess in Congress LINK
  • FL: FL-13 - Voting inquiry finds reasons to dig deeper
    GAO investigators say no 'smoking gun' was found in District 13 election LINK
  • IL: Peoria County - Petition to remove officals withdrawn
    Group trying to oust two election commissioners search different options LINK
  • MS: Benton County - Candidate for Benton Co. Sheriff charged with voter fraud LINK
  • OH: Voter ID Standards Still Up In The Air LINK
  • OH: State makes changes to provisional ballots LINK
  • OH: Opinion - Don’t Go Back To Paper Ballots LINK
  • OH: Franklin County - New machine should better track ballots LINK
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