By John Gideon on 8/9/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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In an interview by Mary Ann Gould on “Voice of the Voters” last night Congressman Dennis Kucinich said, “There is a question of validity of an election. People have to know their vote counts and is counted. People cannot be guaranteed that with the present DRE system.” Meanwhile another overall election failure has been reported by the Mississippi media. The Kentucky Attorney General has told the Secretary of State that doing nothing is not an option as he sends letters to Hart Intercivic and Diebold and demands they do the same for his state as they are required to do for California. And, of course, the rhetoric is building in California.

All of those stories, and today's other notable voting news articles, linked below...

  • NAtional: Kucinich Interested In Legal Action Against Voting Machine Companies LINK
  • NAtional: E-Voting Certification Gets Security Completely Backward LINK
  • NAtional: Sequoia Voting Systems and Robis Elections, Inc. Announce Alliance to Offer Comprehensive Election Technology Support and Training Solutions LINK
  • AR: Carroll County - Judge presses election law LINK
  • CA: The Vote: California Tangible Ballots Initiative Enters Circulation LINK
  • CA: Meltdown at the E-Voting Machine
    Bowen decertifies faulty e-voting systems in state, and protects the integrity of California ballots LINK
  • CA: Opinion - Registrars exposed; wish they still had Bruce McPherson LINK
  • CA: Voting Machines: Next Steps LINK
  • CA: State's new rules won't effect local voting machines LINK
  • CA: Numerous media outlets publish misleading attacks on decision to limit electronic voting LINK
  • CA: Editorial - State's top election official court's election-day chaos by rejecting touch-screen voting LINK
  • CA: Greens Support Decertification of Voting Machines LINK
  • CA: Los Angeles County - Vexing voting machines LINK
  • CA: Nevada County - Clerk: New voting system more secure LINK
  • CA: Santa Clara County - Santa Clara County considers suit over voting decision LINK
  • CA: Santa Clara County - Voting Machines: Stuff 'em LINK
  • CA: Tulare County – Opinion - Electronic voting here to stay LINK
  • CA: Yolo County - Oakley: e-voting in Yolo's all right LINK
  • FL: Sarasota County - Election troubles haunt Sarasota LINK
  • IA: Ames Straw Poll Gets Legal Challenge LINK
  • IN: Hamilton County - Disagreement over machine reliability forces paper ballots for absentee votes LINK
  • KY: Kentucky: Attorney General Takes On Hart Intercivic and Diebold LINK
  • KY: Attorney General Stumbo Demands Voter Protections LINK
  • MS: Editorial - There has got to be a better way LINK
  • MS: Voting glitches being corrected LINK
  • MS: Benton County - Benton equipment balks at county absentee votes LINK
  • MS: Clarke County clerk addresses voting issues LINK
  • OH: Timing of rule on independents needs a review LINK
  • OH: Local officials may have had missing ballots in 2004 LINK
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