By John Gideon on 8/19/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Recently a VP for one of the vendors told me in an email that I should not necessarily believe all of the voting machine failures reported by the media. She said, “I would hope you would know not to believe everything reported by the media! There are many factual errors and opinions that are expressed by the media which do not necessarily equate to the truth of each and every scenario.” Then she told me, “You should speak to the election officials who conducted these elections below and others where problems are reported for more accurate information.” In my response I asked if I should be talking to all of the election officials who have now become vendors, or were vendors only to come back to being election officials.

What confidence should I have in getting the truth from a Kathryn Ferguson, who was the elections director in Clark Co., Nevada, and brought Sequoia DREs into that county then moved to Santa Clara Co., California, where she brought in Sequoia DREs only to quit and be rewarded by Sequoia with a job? Or, any of the thousands of election officials who have spent hundreds of thousands of their voters' tax money to buy voting systems that don’t work, from vendors who deceive them about those systems, and now must defend those purchases or look like fools?

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