By John Gideon on 8/23/2007, 7:00pm PT  

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Today’s news brings us more from California. A poll was conducted by The Field Poll in the state with 402 registered voters responding. The questions asked were to gauge the voters’ confidence in different modes of voting, i.e., paper ballots, DRE, and punch card. The report showed a near equal percentage of voters had confidence in each of the three voting methods, with paper ballots leading by one percentage point. 44% of the voters polled had a great deal of confidence that their ballot was being accurately counted without regard to the system being used. What is interesting is reading the headlines from those sources reporting on this poll. The poll results are entitled, “Voter Confidence In Touch Screen Voting Systems No Different Than Its Confidence In Other Vote Methods.” The newspapers then put on headlines that reflect their opinions, from “Many skeptical on vote counting” to “Voters confident in counts” to “Electronic voting trusted, poll shows.“ There appears to be no truth in marketing there. [Note: A hat-tip to Frank D. Russo, who wrote about the same issue in today’s “California Progress Report”]...

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