By John Gideon on 9/9/2007, 8:00pm PT  

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Mississippi’s election laws are very questionable. During the August 7 state primary some voters who were not able to use Wilkinson Co’s DRE machines used paper ballots. These would be absentee, affidavit (provisional) and curb-side (for voters with disabilities). In Mississippi the political parties administer their primaries. When all of the votes were counted three incumbents were re-elected. However, there were allegations of wrong-doing in regards to some Democrat paper ballots so the county Dem. Executive Board disqualified all paper ballots which then caused the three incumbents to lose their elections. How many good ballots were disqualified? No one knows.

Next week we can look forward to something being done in regards to HR-811; or nothing at all.

Will California finally release the results of their Document Inspection portion of the “Top-To-Bottom Review” and will the media even know about it? Will the state of New Jersey finally provide an alternate plan for when the vvpat printers are not ready for use? And there is supposed to be a follow-up on “Dan Rather Reports” as early as next week....

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