Man Who Outed Larry Craig Teases us with Details on Thursday's 'Progressive News' in San Francisco...
By Brad Friedman on 9/28/2007, 12:04am PT  

[ED NOTE: Rogers has now posted his story, and our suspicions about who the name of the previously unnamed Congressman was correct! See update at bottom of article for more details! Also: The bad code that caused this article to freeze up in Microsoft IE has now been corrected.]

Investigative journalist Mike Rogers of PageOneQ and BlogActive promised us a scoop during this evening's "Progressive News." We're Guest Hosting the show for the vacationing John Scott today and tomorrow on San Francisco's Air America affiliate, Green 960am.

The man who outed the not-yet-resigned Sen. Larry Craig delivered his tantalizing scoop during our final minutes on today's show. (Full show details, archive here.)

"A United States Congressman who, while he was living in one place and claiming a tax break for that fact was registered and was voting in an entirely different state," he told us.

"The person owned the house with another man," Rogers teased, adding "the man that he owned it with, when you found out what he did, it almost makes this Congressman look like an angel."

While trying to determine if the crime we're looking at here is voter fraud or tax fraud (despite expensive GOP propaganda to the contrary, it's usually the Republicans, not the Dems, involved in voter fraud --- just ask Ann Coulter!), Rogers laughed, "It's voter fraud in one place and tax fraud in another!"

He offered us a few clues to the Congressman's identity, which he promises to reveal tomorrow morning. "This is not his first touch on voter fraud," he reported. "I'm not gonna say may be able to guess...but there's a lot of voter fraud connected to this guy all over the place."

We pressed harder for the Congressman's name, but to little avail. The scoop will break in full on Friday at PageOneQ and BlogActive says Rogers.

But he did leave us with one last hint: "It's not Larry Craig. It's not David Drier. And he's not in the Senate, so that leaves you 434." Thanks, Mike!

Okay then, putting some of those pieces together...Rogers reported earlier this year on a U.S. Congressman with both voter fraud issues and curious domestic arrangements with other men.

Could this be our tax cheating vote fraudster Congressman?

We'll know for sure tomorrow, but here's the clip of our last few minutes with Rogers, discussing the above at the end of our interview today (appx 4 mins)...

UPDATE 9/28/07 10:20am PT: Rogers' full scoop is now posted here. And it looks like our guess was correct! The tax cheating vote fraudster is apparently Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina!

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