By John Gideon on 10/14/2007, 8:48am PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

Legal aliens living in Maricopa Co Arizona are being targeted by an insidious fraud. Unscrupulous people are picking people with Hispanic surnames from the phone book, calling them or visiting them and asking if they wish to become citizens. They then tell them, falsely, that they must register to vote as a part of the citizenship process. The voter registration form is then filled out, either with help from the alien or by the person. When turned in the registrations are denied. When the alien files for citizenship they are asked if they have ever attempted to register to vote. Citizenship is denied because the attempt to register is a felony. Update: The report on this issue was carried on the Maricopa County Democratic Party website. It has been removed with no explanation. I will be checking to find out why it was removed and if the original report was bogus.

The computerized voter registration system being used in Virginia appears to be ready to melt-down. The system was used last June and the state claimed success while some registrars were less than happy. Now voters may be disenfranchised and counties will be forced to use provisional ballots for many voters who would otherwise be allowed to vote normally....

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