By John Gideon on 10/16/2007, 6:55pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

Voters in five California counties will have to wait a couple weeks, at least, for a decision from the Secretary of State as to what action the state will take against ES&S for selling the counties uncertified AutoMark ballot markers. My guess is that with primary season so close the state will provisionally certify the machines the counties have and then severely fine the vendor for violating state law. That’s just my guess though.

In another indication that the voting machine vendors are gouging their customers and the tax payer, Luzerne Co Pennsylvania signed a four-year contract with ES&S to provide warranty services. The contract is for $60,550. Originally ES&S offered the county a three-year contract for $320,000. The difference? The county will pay shipping and labor costs for whatever breaks. It just took county officials willing to stand-up to ES&S and tell them “NO! We aren’t going to be gouged”....

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