By John Gideon on 10/24/2007, 7:05pm PT  

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Recently a frustrated elderly voter from Albuquerque, New Mexico, wrote a letter to his local newspaper to relate his experience on a recent election day. The city had a 10% turnout of voters for a city-wide election and had a problem understanding why. This voter and his wife went to their normal polling place, where they had voted since they moved to the city. They were told their polls had been moved two miles away. They went to the new polling place, which was not marked by an American flag, only to find that their polling place was really a half-block away. They went to this venue, again not marked by an American flag, and voted. The writer is legally blind, uses a white cane, and a special lighted magnifying glass. He voted with a lot of trouble and as he was leaving the polls noticed a machine set up in a corner. He asked a poll worker about the machine and was told that it was there for voters with disabilities. Apparently none of the poll workers had used the white cane and lighted magnifying glass as a sign that the writer was sight impaired. This all points to poor election administration and gives an indication that some people just don’t care if we vote. At least not until a few days later when they add up the participation percentage and realize how low it is and blame the voters for not caring about our democracy.

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