By John Gideon on 10/31/2007, 9:00pm PT  

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Ciber Labs teamed with Wyle Labs to test voting system code while Wyle tested hard and firmware. Under the NASED run [federal] voting system qualification process, Ciber inspected and tested about 70% of the voting systems presently in use. Ciber Labs has not been accredited by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to test voting systems under the EAC’s voting system certification program because the EAC found that Ciber did not do tests that they had claimed to do and did a lousy job of documenting those tests they did do. So we have no idea if the code used on about 70% of the voting systems presently being used in the United States meets the voting systems standards. In fact, we know in many situations that the code violates the standards and those are only the systems that have been tested or inspected by other labs or by Universities. States and counties are using untested voting systems that violate the voting systems standards. Let’s just recall all voting systems qualified by NASED and start over with good standards and labs that will do their jobs.

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