By John Gideon on 2/2/2008, 5:00pm PT  

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Liberty Election Systems (NEDAP) has already been to court in New York and should have a decision early next week as to their argument to be put on the short list of voting systems that can be purchased by the state’s counties. The firm's DRE machine has already been banned in its corporate home in The Netherlands and may soon be banned in parts of Germany. Yesterday Premier Election Systems (Diebold) went to court and obtained a show-cause order directing members of the state Board of Elections to appear for a hearing in state Supreme Court, on Tuesday, to learn why the Premier version of AutoMark was not on the same short list of approved voting systems.

The following message is for the few election officials who are in counties in Colorado and California and a couple other states and who will not be able to use their DRE voting machines. You know who you are. We’ve mentioned this before but the statements are still flowing so it is worth mentioning again: Stop. Whining. Stop whining about not being able to use your DRE voting machines while being required to allow your voters to vote on paper ballots. Yes, you may have to spend a little more time counting your ballots. However, counties all over the country vote on paper ballots and have a majority of those ballots counted at some point on election night. Of course, you’ve now told the media that you won’t be done counting for a week or two so you now have to do all you can to drag out the process so you can be right and you can then thumb your nose at your Secretary of State. Suck it up and do your job and stop acting like spoiled brats....

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