By John Gideon on 2/6/2008, 6:29pm PT  

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We are not even close to a settled “Tsunami Tuesday,” and we may not be for another week depending on whether the problems with the Los Angeles Co ballots (Double Bubble Trouble) go to court, but nothing happened to change my mind that DREs need to be banned from our election process. As proven in Arkansas and probably in other states, though news of machine problems was scarce, the addition of a vvpat to a DRE only adds to the possibility of machine malfunction. But we need them for accessible voting, you might say. Anecdotal reports from California are that the single DRE put in each state polling place may not have always actually been set up to be used. They were just there because federal law and state law say they had to be there. (More on disabilities access very soon)

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