By John Gideon on 2/12/2008, 6:00pm PT  

Yes. there was a primary in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia today. News was scarce before distribution time so stories on today's election will be listed in tomorrow's Daily Voting News edition.

What a mess Colorado has become. Last year the state lost in court because its previous system for certifying the voting machines used in the state was non-compliant with state law. The court required the state to test all voting systems used in the state and have them all recertified. The state hired test labs and spent a huge chunk of taxpayers’ money to do what they were supposed to have already done. This retesting actually managed to find that systems used in the state were not compliant and they were decertified. That put the counties into panic mode, which rendered the Secretary of State seemingly unable to make any decisions. The governor and the state legislature got involved and they have now signed a just passed law that will allow the Secretary of State to rush to recertify all of the voting systems that were previously decertified. Supposedly all of the problems found by the test labs will be taken care of and suddenly all of the non-compliant systems will be compliant. The counties are now happy and the vendors are happy. What a wonderful world.

That story, and the other notable voting news items today --- other than today's late primary elections related stories --- are all linked below...

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