By John Gideon on 4/8/2008, 10:00pm PT  

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The GEMS data base used with Diebold/Premier TSx DREs in Butler Co., Ohio, last month seems to have a problem. The election board has reported to Diebold/Premier and the Ohio Secretary of State that during loading of memory cards from the DREs into the GEMS server two memory cards did not load even though the computer reported all cards had been loaded. This resulted in 105 votes being missed. It is not yet known if this is a statewide problem or if it is national. Of course, the only way news of this problem will get out is if members of the EI community do the work.

Six New Jersey counties have now been served with subpoenas for the Sequoia Advantage voting machines that were proven to have a problem. The machines will probably be going to Princeton for inspection. Naturally Sequoia says they are going to attempt to quash the subpoenas.

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