By John Gideon on 5/23/2008, 8:00pm PT  

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

It was a successful day in Pima Co, Arizona, where a Superior Court Judge found that the county failed to prove its contention that the release of all electronic election databases to the Pima County Democratic Party would jeopardize the integrity of future elections and that they must release those computer records from past and future elections.

New federal legislation to be introduced by Sens. Feinstein and Bennett would require that voters casting their ballots using direct recording electronic (touch screen) voting systems would be able to simultaneously verify their choices by means of an independent paper, electronic, audio, video, or pictorial record. Such records would be auditable and would also be available for review in the event of a recount. The effective date for implementing this requirement would be January 1, 2012, unless a state requested a waiver until January 1, 2014. ...

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