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By Brad Friedman on 6/6/2008, 10:24am PT  

While the conspiracy theorists at Fox "News" ramp up their "special investigation" into the exceedingly rare crime of voter fraud, misleading their viewers before the upcoming election with breathless reports of "illegal immigrants" and "people who are not even citizens voting for whomever they want" in order to "sway an election," I thought it might be useful to publish the complete cover-story, detailing Ann Coulter's no-uncertain-terms felony voter fraud, as it was published in the recent exposé I wrote for Hustler magazine.

Up until now, the story --- along with complete documentation, such as the voter registration form on which she purposely lied and the evidence proving she knowingly voted in the wrong location --- has been told piece-meal in smaller stories as the scandal unfolded over the last two years (all indexed in full here.)

But, with Fox "News" requesting tips via their special address, I thought it might be nice to help them out by publishing, for the first time online, the entire story of Coulter's purposeful voter fraud: What she did, how she publicly used Fox and other media to lie about it, and how she's gotten away with her several felonies and at least one far.

Hopefully the crime fighters at Fox will help enforce the rule of law, and bring this documented fugitive to justice once and for all! Especially since, as you'll see in the following story, she used the network's own airwaves to lie to Alan Colmes and others. Please do your civic duty and let them know!

Download the PDF version, as published in the magazine, or read the full story, with helpful links added, online below...

Despite Solid Evidence, Still No Arrest!

(as published in Hustler's, April 2008 edition, PDF version here)

IT CAN NOW BE PROVEN, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that neocon loudmouth Ann Coulter committed felonious voter fraud in Florida. Perhaps two felonies plus a misdemeanor, according to a report from the Town of Palm Beach Police Department.

Despite a friendly friend of hers in the FBI --- who inappropriately interceded into the matter on her behalf --- Coulter is guilty. I've got the documents to prove it.

On June 15, 2005, just a few months after Coulter purchased $1.8-million digs near Rush Limbaugh's tony mansion (in part, to escape her many stalkers, according to her publicist), she filled out a voter registration application to become a Florida voter.

After filling out her name and address --- but not specifying her gender --- Coulter signed the document at the bottom next to an "oath" solemnly swearing that: "All information on this form is true. I understand that if it is not true, I can be convicted of a felony of the third degree and fined up to $5,000 and/or imprisoned for up to five years."

But all the information Coulter included on the form wasn't true.

Crime #1: Coulter lied about the address of her new crib at 242 Seabreeze Avenue in Palm Beach. Instead, she declared her "legal residence" to be 999 Indian Avenue --- that of her realtor, Suzanne Frisbie.

To compound that initial third-degree felony, Coulter then proceeded to knowingly vote at the wrong precinct in a local election in February 2006. Upon showing up at the correct precinct for 242 Seabreeze Avenue, Coulter was told that voters who lived at 999 Indian Avenue were supposed to vote elsewhere.

According to the incident report filed by the Palm Beach Town Clerk, when Coulter came in to vote at the Bethesda by the Sea Episcopal church, the address discrepancy was discovered and reported by a precinct 1198 poll worker. Noticing that the GOP pundit was registered at a different address than her actual residence, precinct adviser James Whited --- a Republican --- informed Coulter that she'd have to fill out a change-of-address form in order to vote in the precinct.

"Where would I vote with the address that I have?" Coulter asked Whited. He explained that Indian Avenue residents were to vote at St. Edward's Church, located in another precinct. Coulter then "hurriedly went out the door," according to Whited's report. Although the poll worker tried to catch up with her, it was "to no avail."

Crime #2: A few minutes later, Coulter illegally cast a vote at St. Edward's. According to the Palm Beach Police Department's report, doing so was a first-degree misdemeanor.

Crime #3: The PBPD also found that Coulter again used her realtor's address, instead of her own, to obtain a Florida driver's license. That crime is "a felony of the third degree," according to a report by Michael S. Reiter, the Town of Palm Beach's Chief of Police.

"She never lived here," realtor Frisbie admitted to the Palm Beach Post when the story first emerged. But that didn't keep Coulter from lying about it. Neither did the fact that I had already confirmed her real address and posted the evidence on my Web site, Her true address had been publicly available online via the database of the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser's official Web site.

After the news had initially appeared as a small item in the Palm Beach paper and was then subsequently reported on both my Web site and the Huffington Post, a student asked Coulter about the matter during one of her frequent campus lectures. Coulter reportedly replied: "No, I don't live in Palm Beach. Maybe you shouldn't read retarded news!"

Coulter was equally clever the next time she was publicly asked about the issue, on Fox News' Hannity & Colmes. The New York Times best-selling author wouldn't even admit that she lived in Florida.

"I think the syphilis has gone to their brains," Coulter yelped when Alan Colmes asked her about the allegations made by the Palm Beach County elections supervisor.

"Did you knowingly vote in the wrong district?" Colmes followed up.

"No, I live in New York," Coulter lied. "...This is all false, I'm telling you."

While saying one thing publicly, Coulter was saying nothing at all to Palm Beach authorities. County Supervisor of Elections Arthur Anderson sent Coulter a registered letter in May 2006 --- to the Indian Avenue address --- warning: "Failure to respond within thirty (30) days of this notice may result in a determination of ineligibility and in removal of the registered voter's name from the statewide voter registration system." If the incident wasn't properly explained, Anderson's office said, the matter would be referred to the state attorney's office for possible prosecution. By June, Coulter had yet to answer the letter. Of course, it had been sent to an address where she didn't live. Nevertheless, Coulter was forced to lawyer up with a powerful Bush-connected law firm, which assigned an ex-Justice Department attorney to her case.

His first action was to condemn the Palm Beach County elections office for not sending him a copy of the letter. The lawyer also refused to provide Coulter's correct address. Later he would admit in a letter to the elections office that Coulter had lied about her home address. She did live in Palm Beach on Seabreeze Avenue, but was forced to lie about it in public due to the New York stalkers she'd tried to move away from.

Coulter's "stalker excuse" would come in handy later, when her FBI friend would try to save her. For someone who claims to be so paranoid about stalkers, it seems odd that she would post the private, unlisted family phone number and e-mail addresses of one of's guest bloggers on the front page of her own Web site for weeks.

Lydia Cornell --- who'd played Ted Knight's daughter in the 1980s sitcom Too Close for Comfort and currently co-hosts a Las Vegas morning drive-time progressive talk radio show --- wrote an article on my Web site criticizing Coulter. Coulter retaliated by posting Cornell's phone number --- which Cornell had sent to Coulter when requesting comment via private e-mail before publishing the article --- on her own site. Cornell received multiple death threat phone calls and e-mails from rabid Coulterites. A stranger went to Cornell's home, and her trash cans were lit on fire.

Just prior to the November 2006 election, Coulter flatly refused to cooperate with the elections office's investigation in any way. Elections Supervisor Anderson told the Palm Beach Post that Coulter had made "efforts to distract and divert focus on the process regarding this complaint,"forcing him to bring the case to the state's attorney, as he had threatened to do months earlier.

Coulter's voting rights, however, were not rescinded before the November general election, as the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections gave her every benefit of the doubt.

In December 2006, Anderson was forced to take the case to the PBPD for appraisal after the state attorney already shell-shocked after being out-gunned in his attempt to bring narcotics charges against "Hillbilly Heroine"addict Rush Limbaugh in the same county --- declined to take it up, telling Anderson that police action was needed before he could bring formal charges.

Despite their official assessment of an apparent two felonies and a misdemeanor, the police department in the chic Republican town of Palm Beach told Anderson that the crimes in question took place outside of their jurisdiction, so it would be unable to do anything about it.

The next stop for Anderson was the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, where the story would take its most twisted turn: The FBI interceded on Coulter's behalf to get her off the hook from her clear and well-documented voter fraud felonies.

Not long after Anderson brought the case to its attention, the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office (PBSO), began its own investigation into the Coulter fraud matter. First-year Detective Kristine Villa, who'd been assigned the case, was contacted by a G-man from the FBI Academy's Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia. He had a tip for her.Supervisory Special Agent Jim Fitzgerald wanted to let Villa know that Coulter had a perfectly good reason for lying on her Florida voter registration application: Stalkers were out to get her.

Without bothering to interview Coulter, or the real estate agent who lived at the address Coulter gave on her form without informing her (wouldn't that have put Suzanne Frisbie in grave danger?), the PBSO promptly dismissed the case after the call from Fitzgerald. The unusual interference --- and naming of the supposed stalker --- by a federal agent was wholly inappropriate, especially if there was an ongoing FBI stalking investigation.

The "stalker," according to Fitzgerald, was yet another Brad Blog contributor! His name: Dan Borchers, founder of Citizens for Principled Conservatism. This Christian conservative had long been collecting and reporting on information about Coulter. Borchers believes Coulter has betrayed both the Christian and conservative movements through her hypocrisy, hate speech and other behavior unbecoming of someone claiming the very virtues that Coulter espouses when necessary for political expedience, but otherwise completely ignores.

"Sounds like a load of bull to me," legal expert Gregg Miller, a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, said. "If [Coulter] were trying to avoid a stalker, she would not have purchased her house in her own name," but would have used a trust or an LLC (limited liability company) to protect herself.

Elections Supervisor Anderson shares Miller's dubiousness. "The whole claim of stalkers was very strange," he told me during an interview not long after the PBSO had dismissed the case. "I found it to be rather ironic that no action was ever taken to conceal her home address, etc., until now that this issue has come up."

Meanwhile, Borchers told me, "As far as I know, there is no investigation against me [for stalking]. Even if there were an ongoing investigation, the FBI is not supposed to release names of those being investigated. I'm an innocent person here, and yet [Fitzgerald] leaked my name with this charge. It's unbelievable."

While Borchers expressed astonishment at being publicly named as "a stalker" by an FBI agent who offered no evidence for the claim, he did offer one reason why a federal G-man would intercede in a case of local voter fraud in a municipal election in Florida: "Fitzgerald was Ann Coulter's boyfriend," Borchers alleges.

Media critic Howard Kurtz interviewed Coulter for a Washington Post profile in October 1998, in conjunction with the release of her book High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton. Kurtz reported at the time that "Coulter seems to flit from one relationship to the next," describing her recent breakup with Bob Guccione Jr., the son of Penthouse's former publisher. "Now she's involved with an FBI agent," Kurtz added.

"Fitzgerald was Ann Coulter's boyfriend in 1998 and 1999," Coulter expert Borchers claims. "Since then, she has used him as her personal FBI resource for her own purposes."

Borchers recounted a 1999 incident in which he claims he was called by Fitzgerald, who requested a meeting at D.C.'s Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House. There Fitzgerald tried to convince him to let go of a story he'd been working on concerning Coulter's involvement in the Linda Tripp/Monica Lewinsky tapes, which eventually led to Clinton's impeachment.

According to Borchers, Fitzgerald admitted he and Coulter were an item."He told me that he and Coulter were deeply in love," says Borchers, who alleges Fitzgerald then offered him the opportunity to question Coulter by e-mail in exchange for backing off on the Coulter/Tripp story for a period of time. "He asked for two months," Borchers claims, in order to allow for the completion of two important publishing deals Coulter had been near to closing.

While Fitzgerald now refuses to answer questions on the matter --- and an FBI spokesperson says an internal investigation has been launched to look into the unusual actions taken by Fitzgerald --- hard evidence of his being her former boyfriend is still elusive for the moment.

Anonymous sources have contacted me to corroborate the fact, but they are unwilling to go on record. Since reporting the matter at, however, neither Coulter, Fitzgerald nor anybody else has denied the charges. While Anderson ponders whether or not to bring the case up to Florida's Department of Law Enforcement, he was surprised to hear of the boyfriend allegations. "But," he surmised, "if they'd reveal the name of a CIA agent [Valerie Plame], I guess this shouldn't be any surprise either."

Neither is the supervisor of elections' disgust. "I'm not inclined to spend much more time on Ms. Coulter," Anderson added, clearly exhausted from the runaround he's received in trying to find someone, anyone, in Florida with bigger balls than Coulter to take her on.

There are two other apparent and related Coulter high crimes and/or misdemeanors that demand further investigation by authorities.

Since Coulter's official public position had been that she doesn't live in Florida at all, it would appear that the outspoken right-winger has also committed tax fraud for claiming a $25,000 Homestead Tax Exemption on her Palm Beach pad. This exemption would only be available to Coulter if the Seabreeze Avenue home were her official primary residence, according to state tax law.

Furthermore, it appears that when Coulter voted at the wrong precinct illegally in Palm Beach, she was still a registered voter in the state of Connecticut, according to voter registration records in that state. Being registered to vote in two different states is also a crime. Why Connecticut and not New York, where she had previously lived and told Fox News that she still did? The answer lies only inside Ann Coulter's twisted mind.

Law professor Gregg Miller adds that Coulter, an attorney herself, should know better than to lie on official public legal documents. "I teach legal ethics, and believe that Ms. Coulter disgraces the legal profession with nearly everything she says," Miller declares.

Now that proof exists Ann Coulter committed the felonious act of voter fraud, it's time for the law to hold her accountable. But why is it so difficult to find a cop in Palm Beach when you need one?

Editor's Note: At press time, the Florida Elections Commission announced that it was declining to press charges against Coulter due to the expiration of a two-year statute of limitations. Critics called the decision "arbitrary" and said it showed the commission's unwillingness to enforce the law.

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