GOP Candidate Talks for 20 Minutes Into Dead Handpiece...
By Arlen Parsa on 6/28/2008, 11:36am PT  

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This is pretty funny:

Although John McCain was stumping in Ohio on Friday, his campaign arranged for him to talk by phone to leaders of B'nai B'rith International, a major Jewish group, who were meeting in Ottawa. Reporters were invited to dial in to the conference call at 3 p.m. to listen.

McCain soon came on the line and launched into his spiel. "Thank you for all the good you do," he began.

Then silence.

"We lost the senator," a voice conceded after a minute or so. "We lost the candidate...Can we get a message to someone?"

More minutes passed.

Apparently about 20 more minutes passed of McCain just yammering on into his cell phone without noticing that there was nobody on the other end. Now everybody who's had a cell phone has probably lost coverage mid-call at one point or another.

And on the one hand, it's funny that after hearing nothing in response from the Jewish group or assembled reporters for 20 minutes that he didn't bother to look at his handset to see if the call was still active. But on the other hand, it's kind of scary that he filibustered for 20 minutes so wrapped up in what he was saying that he didn't wonder if anyone was listening.

On that note, check out this video from CNN (a/v sync is a bit off) about McCain vs Obama on technology:

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