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By John Gideon on 8/25/2008, 4:32pm PT  

Today’s featured article is a warning from Greg Gordon of McClatchy News in which he points to the fact that the recent disclosure of flawed software in Premier/Diebold machines points directly to a system of testing and certifying voting systems that was broken. Gordon points out, “NASED watched over the issuance of "qualified" reports from Independent Testing Laboratories, but with little control over the testing. The vendors secretly negotiated payments with the labs, helped design the tests, got to see the results first and only shared the codes driving their software with three NASED technical experts who signed non-disclosure agreements.”

All it took was a disclosure by Premier/Diebold that all of their voting systems of the past ten years have potentially lost votes and the media has woken up to the issue. Of course, some election officials are just too wedded to their vendors. Officials in South Carolina and West Virginia proudly proclaim that while states around them are doing the right thing by changing from DRE voting to paper based systems they are going to stand firm behind their paperless voting systems, ignoring the facts in doing so. ...

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