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By John Gideon on 10/3/2008, 4:23pm PT  

Today I listened to, and watched, a hearing, on-line, from Washington DC in which the DC Council heard testimony regarding the recent failures in the district’s primary election where there were thousands of phantom votes from one precinct and even after those were discovered and cleaned-up the final numbers still do not add up. The two council members who asked questions in the morning, Council members Mary Cheh and David Catania, were extremely well prepared and concerned especially when taking sworn testimony from Michelle Shafer and Ed Smith, both VPs of Sequoia Voting Systems and other Sequoia representatives.

Soon after one representative from Sequoia tried to claim that the problem found in DC was unique, the result of pollworker mistakes, and that no votes had ever been lost on Sequoia machines Mr. Catania began asking questions about past problems that are very much like the problems that happened in DC and that may have resulted in lost votes. There were, of course, claims of mistakes in the media and misunderstanding of the facts from Sequoia.

Further testimony was taken from computer scientists who also had concerns about the Sequoia product and testimony. Our featured article discusses this hearing in more detail. I will include a link to an archive of the hearing if/when it becomes available. And, watch for more articles from Washington DC about the hearing and the fall-out from the hearing....

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