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By John Gideon on 10/9/2008, 4:23pm PT  

“When I finally saw the results of our [EVEREST] tests, I thought I was going to throw up. I didn’t think it would be that bad. And it was — it was awful. I looked at it on a Saturday morning, and that night I went to bed and woke up [just before 4:00 on] Sunday morning going, “Oh my God.” I never wake up on the weekends — trust me.”
Jennifer Brunner, Ohio's Secretary of State, when asked in a recent interview about the state’s EVEREST evaluation of the voting machines used in Ohio.

The group of potential voters that has participated the least in past years has probably been students. From all reports students seem to be engaged in this year’s election and will be turning out in large numbers. That can only be a good thing. However, it seems that some are doing all they can to keep the students away from the polls. Our second “Featured” article discusses the actions being taken to disenfranchise student voters and the counter-actions to enfranchise them.

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