Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
By John Gideon on 11/15/2008, 5:33pm PT  

I hate to disappoint those who like to read my lead-in to the news but I really can’t think of anything worthwhile to write today. This may be one of the last days when we in the Pac. Northwest can see the sun until next spring so I got out and away from the computer and went for a ride on my Harley to enjoy the fall colors. My son went along on his new Yamaha. As a 61 year old novice rider all of my attention and gray-matter was used to keep my bike upright and going where I wanted it to go. It was, however, a rewarding ride and a lot of fun. But, I have nothing insightful, interesting, or humorous to say to fill this space so it will just have to go blank....

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